Jeunesse Soualiga’s delinquency prevention short film well received

A view of a predominantly young audience watching the Jeunesse Soualiga film “Choice of a Lifetime” at the Sandy Ground cinema on Wednesday evening.


MARIGOT–A short film containing a strong message on the dangers of violence, using weapons and the subsequent risk of youth turning to delinquency was presented to a packed audience in the Sandy Ground Cultural Centre cinema, on Wednesday evening. The film “Choice of a Lifetime” was a collaborative project between Jeunesse Soualiga Association and the Collectivité’s Prevention and Anti-Delinquency Department CLSPD. The film was created and written by Jeunesse Soualiga members and shot by the Collectivité’s audio-visual department.

  Present for the screening were Préfète Déléguée Anne Laubies, President of the Collectivité Daniel Gibbs, Vice-Presidents Valérie Damaseau and Annick Petrus, Territorial Councillors, President of Jeunesse Soualiga Jean-Marc Gervais, a representative from the Prosecutor’s office and various partners. The audience in the cinema comprised predominantly young people.

  “This short film is a concrete tool we now have in our hands to raise awareness of violence among the youth of the territory,” said Gibbs in his address. “Weapons are the scourge of modern society, the central subject of this short film, and I congratulate Jeunesse Soualiga that was entrusted with this project as part of the awareness campaign.

  “I would also like to acknowledge the role of the media that helps to promote our actions as they are a valuable link with the population. A prevention campaign will begin in September and the film will be shown in all the districts. Jeunesse Soualiga’s mission is to talk to the youth in the schools, discuss the risk of handling weapons, and advise parents on their educational role.”

  Gibbs encouraged young audience members to make good choices in life without forgetting that parents also have an important role in steering them onto the right path.

  “I encourage parents to be involved in their child’s education and to pass on the fundamental values that will enable them to become responsible adults,” he said.

  Préfète Laubies also congratulated Jeunesse Soualiga for its community-minded work on behalf of the youth.

  Thanks were also extended to State representatives, the Prosecutor’s Office, Collectivité services, Patrick Hénocq and Jocelyn Jermin.

  The film received a standing ovation.

Source: The Daily Herald