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Interest was reportedly high.

KRALENDIJK–An information market on detention and reintegration was held in Bonaire on Thursday, attended by judicial law enforcement system partners and other stakeholders. Organised by Judicial Institution Caribbean Netherlands (JICN), it brought together a wide range of professionals involved in detention and reintegration, with the aim of exchanging knowledge, networking and promoting a successful return to society for persons from jail.

The gathering offered an opportunity to learn from each others’ expertise, share experiences and work together to improve detention and reintegration processes. According to a release by the National Department Caribbean Netherlands RCN, participants gained deeper insight into the challenges and opportunities in this area.

“One of the highlights of the information market was the great diversity of system partners present, including representatives of probation organisations, educational institutions, employers, social organisations and government agencies. Their involvement and active participation contributed to a fruitful exchange of ideas and best practices,” according to the release.

Topics discussed ranged from detention procedures and reintegration programmes to aftercare and support after detention.

“We are pleased with the enormous turnout and involvement of system partners in this information market,” said JICN Deputy Director Charlotte Fairbairn. “It demonstrates that there is a strong shared will to work together to improve detention and reintegration processes, with the ultimate goal of promoting a successful return to society for individuals emerging from detention.”

JICN also emphasised the importance of society in offering opportunities to ex-detainees. Successfully reintegrating these individuals requires not only commitment from the detention and reintegration system, but also understanding, support and opportunities from the broader community.

“The information market on detention and reintegration was an inspiring and valuable event that helped increase awareness and cooperation in this important area. JICN looks back on a successful day and thanks all participants and system partners for their contribution to the success of the information market,” concluded the release.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/jicn-info-market-about-detention-reintegration