John Halley Trucking fixes part of pathway to Sister Magda School | THE DAILY HERALD

The location before it was cleaned and fixed up.



The area after the work of John Halley Trucking and its team.

ST. PETERS–Pupils, teachers, parents and residents who use the pathway leading from St. Peters to Sister Magda School should have a more comfortable trip along the pathway as of today, thanks to the efforts of The Daily Herald photographer John Halley, his business John Halley Trucking and its employees Kevin Gumbs and Thebeau Charles, who sacrificed part of their weekend to clean the bushy area and replace the damaged pallets along part of the walkway.

The pathway is used by many schoolchildren and their parents who take them to school every day, and by some residents as a quick access to get to the nearby Sheik Supermarket and to L.B. Scott Road.

The old pallets at the location were damaged after Hurricanes Irma and Maria and the pathway was very messy and muddy whenever it rained. Persons using the area had to jump from pallet to pallet to avoid the muddy mess.

Halley used his own financial resources and together with his workers removed the old pallets, cleaned the area thoroughly and laid new pallets donated by the new Super Value Market located where the former Afoo Supermarket was located in Philipsburg, for the project.

There were only enough pallets to do half of the pathway. Halley said he will attempt to get more pallets to complete the unfinished section of the pathway. He estimates that 70-80 additional pallets will be needed to complete the remaining portion. Although this is a temporary relief, he suggested that it would be even better if government or a community-minded business would pave the pathway, which is traversed by many daily, with concrete for a long-term solution.

Source: The Daily Herald