Joint law enforcement controls intensify | THE DAILY HERALD

Officers at work in Cole Bay on July 26.

Officers controlling vehicles on Airport Boulevard.

COLE BAY–The Police Force, the Dutch National Police along with members of the Royal Dutch Marechaussee and the French Gendarmes held a general joint control at various locations on the island on July 26.

These controls are being held to maintain and strengthen the already-good working collaboration and cooperation between the various law enforcement departments on the two sides of the island. The controls are being held in connection with a number of general vehicle controls that have been planned and are scheduled to be carried out before the end of 2018.

The control on Thursday started at 4:00pm and lasted until 8:00pm. The officers checked 52 vehicles. Ten fines were issued, tint was removed from four vehicles and three vehicles were towed, according to police on Sunday.

The police advise all drivers/owners of motor vehicles to make sure that their vehicles are in good working condition and all documents for the vehicles are up to date. They should also make sure that their driver’s licence is valid.

Source: The Daily Herald