Joselyne Arnell donates Ignacio books to Sandy Ground library | THE DAILY HERALD


MARIGOT–Author of children’s books and former teacher Joselyne Arnell donated copies of her popular Ignacio books to the new Sandy Ground Library on Thursday.

  Her first book, published in 2013, was Ignacio and the Mysterious Egg and that was followed up in 2018 by Ignacio and Chichibird.

  The books, which contain moral messages, are aimed at the 12 years and under age group. Illustrations in the books were done by her daughter, Milkaya Laijah.


  “It’s really essential that children learn to read from a young age,” said Arnell. “Once they develop that love for reading, education becomes easier. So, it was very important for me to make this gesture today.”

  The subject matter of the second book, Ignacio and Chichibird, is timely and topical, dealing with sharing and coming together after Hurricane Irma, establishing bonds of friendship and strength, and working together to help the community.  The central character, Ignacio the iguana, features in both books.

  Ignacio and the Chichibird are neighbours but they don’t agree, but during the night of the storm they realized they had to come together. When they see the devastation next morning, they put their differences aside to rebuild their homes and community.

  Arnell said she hopes to come to the library to read to children, if her schedule as an Education Officer for the Primary Schools permits.

  Commented President of Association Aim for Success, Georges Richardson: “On behalf of the association, I must say we are blessed to have Joselyne Arnell here today and we gratefully accept her books. As someone with a teaching background, she understands perfectly what is needed for children’s development.

  “Her books give the library added value and expand the range of the books we have. Young people and seniors can come to the library to read books here or borrow them, and of course, we have the computers here as well for research and homework.”


Source: The Daily Herald