Judge releases former Insel manager from jail

PHILIPSBURG– InselAir’s former St. Maarten manager A.H. was released under special conditions by the Judge of Instruction last week.

He was arrested on May 16 in connection with an embezzlement case involving him and another former employee, for allegedly skimming close to US $100,000 from the company last year.

Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Norman Serphos confirmed his release and said the judge had given him special requirements to stay free. A.H. had left the island in 2016 and travelled to the Dominican Republic while InselAir officials were investigating him.

The funds were discovered to be missing after an internal audit by an external team of investigators in August last year. Reports of missing funds had started to surface at the main office in Curaçao and top management decided to send the investigators to find out what was taking place.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/66412-judge-releases-former-insel-manager-from-jail