Julian R. Harrigan Memorial Scholarship winner announced

Jackie Harrigan, winner of the Julian R. Harrigan Memorial Scholarship.

ANGUILLA–Jackie Harrigan is this year’s winner of the Julian R. Harrigan Memorial Scholarship. On February 19, 2018, Dr. Phyllis Fleming-Banks, manager of the UWI Open Campus, British Overseas Territories, Anguilla, welcomed family, friends and the press to congratulate Jackie on her selection as Memorial Scholarship Award winner.

Established in 2016, the scholarship honours the late Julian R. Harrigan, a former teacher and dynamic university representative whose contributions to UWI Anguilla over 18 years were many. The scholarship totalling US $2,200 enables Jackie to attend classes for the full academic 2017-2018 year free of charge. She is currently enrolled at the UWI Open Campus and is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in social work with a concentration in youth development.

Applicant selection requirements include proof of verifiable financial need, “belonger” status, and being either a new or continuing UWI Open Campus student who is accepted or registered in the disciplines of either social work, youth development or public administration. The application must be accompanied by a 500-word essay stating why he/she should receive the scholarship.

Also announced on Monday was the launch of the 2018 alumni award activities. Stanley Reid, President of the UWI Alumni Association, Anguilla Chapter, stated that the Chapter has some responsibility for hosting the UWI annual award activities. This year, the Chapter is fashioning the theme of the annual award activities around UWI’s 70th anniversary, having been founded in 1948 at the Mona campus, Jamaica. As such, the Chapter will engage with the Anguillian public to identify at least seven Anguillian UWI pioneers in order to honour and showcase their contributions to Anguilla during the annual awards celebration expected to occur within six weeks.

While over 500 graduates are already known, the Chapter wants to maximise inclusiveness by reaching out to the public for their assistance in the identification of all graduates.

Avon Carty, the Chapter’s public relations officer, stated that details of the Chapter’s annual fundraising activities are being finalised and announcements will be made in the very near future. She asked for the public’s support and engagement, promising that it will be a “gala event.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/73848-julian-r-harrigan-memorial-scholarship-winner-announced