Jumping up the causeway

For the third year in a row, popular local TG Band with O-ezy Ottley plans to perform for the causeway jump up in Simpson Bay set for this Friday. The band themed its section of the jump-up this year “Puppy Jam.” Shirts are on sale at Abu-G Swarma in Madame Estate and can be purchased for US $10 per ticket. For groups of five and more with purchase of a shirt, jumpers will get $10 off their purchase of a ticket for the March 18 Dirty Habit boat ride party. The band will also make available its alcoholic punches, beers and water for participants who plan to jam with it on Friday. The causeway jump-up will begin at Kim Sha Beach and end at Soggy Dollar Bar. In photo; TG Band leader O-Ezy Ottley.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/74545-jumping-up-the-causeway