Juw-Jayla Suares, Juvelle Maduro win sixth Solo Gospel Competition | THE DAILY HERALD

From left: Solo Gospel Competition participants Juw-Jeana Suares, winner in the 12-18 category Juvelle Maduro, Reginald Gibbs, Jordanny Redan, Marchelle Clarke-Brown, D’Jeannio Hassell, Kelly Yorro Nova, winner in the 7-11 category Juw-Jayla Suares, Gercia Brown and Odile Moses, with Cherile van Putten of the Methodist Church’s Children’s Commission.


ST. EUSTATIUS–The Children’s Commission of the Methodist Church in St. Eustatius Circuit held its sixth annual Solo Gospel competition on Saturday at Mike van Putten Youth Center.

  Deputy Government Commissioner Alida Francis and Island Council Member Adelka Spanner attended the event, which was moderated by Sjahaira Fleming.

  The competition was judged by head judge George Farrell, assisted by Caroline Dingboom, Elaine Marchena, Dion “Mega D” Humphreys, Miranda Ignacio-Roosberg, Jolly van Beelen-Ferwerda and Cecil Otto.

  The night featured performances by former competition winners Sergina Bryson and Ishn Courtar. Courtar took to the stage twice and had the crowd singing along. Winner of the 2020 Children’s Gospel Competition in the 7-11 age category Jeandre Woodley gave a wonderful performance, as did Carmen Nova, accompanied by Courtar and Odile Moses.

  The winners in each category received a trophy, and all contestants received a medal, a gift basket and a certificate. The competition was split into age categories 7-11 and 12-18 years. The younger age category featured contestants Gercia Brown, D’Jeannio Hassell, Kelly Yorro Nova, Jordanny Redan and Juw-Jayla Suares. The sixth contestant became nervous and was unable to take to the stage to perform.

  Suares won the competition with 1,155 points with her performance “As the Deer”, Hassell came in first runner-up at 1,075 points, and Brown was second runner-up with 1,030. Redan received 965 points and Nova 925. Suares showed poise during the competition, as she was asked to repeat her performance due to technical difficulties with the microphone.

  Second runner-up Brown won a seven-inch tablet, Hassell received a Samsung A-1 phone and Suares won a 11.6-inch HP Chromebook laptop.

  The 12-18 category featured contestants Reginald Gibbs, Juvelle Maduro and Juw-Jeana Suares. Maduro won the competition with her rendition of “If God”, for which she received 1,314 points, Gibbs was the first runner-up with 1,285 points and Juw-Jeana was second runner-up with 1,120 points for which she received a seven-inch Fire tablet. First runner-up Gibbs won a 11.6-inch Chromebook HP laptop, and the winner Maduro won a 14-inch HP Chromebook laptop.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/juw-jayla-suares-juvelle-maduro-win-sixth-solo-gospel-competition