K1 Britannia to carry out 4 projects for SXM DOET

PHILIPSBURG–K1 Britannia Foundation will be participating in SXM DOET for the fourth year in a row. This year, it doubled its efforts and will be hosting four projects in total, as opposed to two in 2107.

The K1 Britannia SXM DOET Projects give persons the opportunity to help in a variety of ways, from social activities to cleaning, repairing and building. The first two projects – “Emilio Wilson Park: Beautification Project” and “St. Martin’s Home: Sensory Room” – will be hosted on Friday, March 9.
With the Emilio Wilson Park Project, volunteers are tasked with cleaning up litter, fixing the back entrance, making a pathway around the park, building 11-15 benches and enhancing the playground by adding a seesaw, sandbox and replacing the slide.
For the second project of the day, K1 Britannia Foundation Project Manager Yash Rajani said in a press release on Tuesday, “Many of the elderly at the St. Martin’s Home are wheelchair-bound, bedridden and are unable to participate in many extracurricular or interactive activities. The Sensory Room at St. Martin’s Home project will have volunteers set up and install the various interactive boards that will keep the clients stimulated through touch, smell, and sound.” A gazebo at the facility will be re-created into the sensory room.
The following day, Saturday, March 10, the projects will focus on foster children/foster care, which remains a strong focus of the Foundation’s work. There will be a “Leisure and Learn Park” at Emilio Wilson Park for foster children and other at-risk and underprivileged youth.
The day will consist of several extracurricular booths, such as art, dance, sports, creative workshops and under learning. Persons from different professional fields such as law enforcement, aviation, hospitality, medical, electrical, and media will be giving insights and demonstrations of their work. There will also be fun games and experiments where the children can win prizes. The focus is exposing the children and teenagers to various activities and careers that can spark their interest and encourage them to develop their skills and talents.
The other project for the day is “Repairing the Animal Enclosure” at I Can Foster Home. The home had a large animal enclosure that housed various animals the children enjoyed taking care of. Hurricane Irma destroyed the animal enclosure and with the help of volunteers, the Foundation hopes to repair it. The desired result is an enclosure that can house goats, rabbits and chickens. The children then will be able to take care of the animals again and can continue learning about responsibility at a young age.
K1 Britannia Foundation has a great focus on volunteerism through its volunteer programme and believes in SXM DOET’s mission to help improve the general idea of volunteering and community service by showing how fun and creative it can really be. To sign up as a volunteer for SXM DOET, visit
www.sxmdoet.com and search for K1 Britannia, which will show these four volunteer opportunities.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/73669-k1-britannia-to-carry-out-4-projects-for-sxm-doet