Kadorweb new way of registering land on Saba

From left: Planning Bureau Head Robert Zagers, Hamilton Boelijn of Kadaster NL and Commissioner Rolando Wilson.

SABA–Currently, the upkeep of land registers on Saba is being done manually. With the development of digital land recording this will now become a thing of the past.

  The Public Entity Saba, in close cooperation with the Kadaster land registry in the Netherlands, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and currently the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations worked on developing Kadorweb Saba, which will make it possible for land registration to be executed digitally, making it more efficient, effective and sustainable.

  The old way of recording real estate came with several challenges. It is sometimes difficult searching for recorded documents and there is always the risk of deterioration of paper by time, fire or hurricanes.

  Recently, Hamilton Boelijn of Kadaster NL met with Commissioner Rolando Wilson and Planning Bureau Department Head Robert Zagers regarding Kadorweb Saba.

  Boelijn said he was “delighted” to see that the project in Saba is progressing smoothly.

  The introduction of a Geographic Information System (GIS) was also discussed. The GIS is a computerised system whereby companies and Government Departments can work together to share general information.

  The project team decided that the GIS will be introduced after completion and commissioning of Kadorweb Saba.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/71869-kadorweb-new-way-of-registering-land-on-saba