Karakter Curaçao gives tool kits to local institutions, handymen

Representatives of K1 Brittania, Karakter Curaçao, Kooyman St. Maarten and MPC.


PHILIPSBURG–Karakter Beach Bar, Lounge & Restaurant located in Curaçao (no affiliation to local establishment of same name) wanted to help St. Maarten after seeing the disastrous conditions Hurricane Irma left in its wake.

  To achieve its goal, the beach bar and restaurant organised a St. Maarten Day event and all proceeds plus additional donations received on this day went towards this project.

  A total of 27 pre-stocked tool kits were recently donated to St. Maarten institutions and handymen. The first tool kits were provided to Milton Peters College (MPC) and the school board for secondary education SVOBE which have taken on the challenge to help build back St. Maarten through numerous repair projects. The tool kits will be used to make repairs around the school and to send the students out to make local repairs in their neighbourhoods. K1 Brittania also received tool kits. Other tool kits were distributed on an individual basis.

  Through the donation, Karakter Curaçao hopes to aid and inspire local handymen to take on the challenge and help others, whilst encouraging them to develop their trade and hopefully turn it into a new business. Every tool kit consists of a well-stocked toolbox with Makita brand grinder, circular saw, power drill and a “business plan” that can be used to guide the holder of the tool kit on his or her path in starting their own small business while rebuilding St. Maarten.

  “This donation is not only about repairing physical damages occurred during Hurricane Irma,” says Karakter Curaçao owner Jorrit Heekelaar, “but also about repairing the economy and community through new business opportunities.”

  The team at Karakter Curaçao are said to be “very excited” about this donation project. “We are confident that these tool kits are in the right hands and [will be – Ed.] put to good use. We just want to do our part to help build back St. Maarten” says Marleen Gerritsen, who is also an owner of Karakter Curaçao.

  Karakter Curaçao reached out to Kooyman Megastore, which was more than willing to supply the necessary tools and knowledge of trade to provide the most complete kit ranging from basics to high-end power tools.

  “We need every hand that we can get to help us build back St. Maarten,” Kooyman Commercial Officer Evencia Carty-Seabrookes said. “When we learnt of Karakter Curaçao’s initiative, we were more than willing to assist them with the necessary products to make this project a success. As we too were damaged, our head branch in Curaçao surely stepped in to secure that the tools arrived on St. Maarten in good order.”

  K1 Brittania has played a very active role in providing assistance and manpower after Hurricane Irma. “Karakter Curaçao is very happy to team up with this organisation, which provided the necessary intel needed when selecting institutions and individuals qualified and willing to take on the project and step up to the challenge.”

  The non-profit foundation is starting a roof repair programme later this month and the tool sets are said to be exactly what they need to get the job done.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/71531-karakter-curacao-gives-tool-kits-to-local-institutions-handymen