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Desire Frans from Bonaire speaks to participants.

ST. EUSTATIUS–The Welfare and Society Directorate launched the Dare2Care Safe Statia campaign to bring more awareness on domestic violence at the Mega Musical Experience in February. This was followed by the Kas Sigur training, arranged by the Ministry of Justice and Security for Saba and Statia professionals on Statia last week.

Training facilitator was Desire Frans from Bonaire. Representing Saba were Monique Wilson (CYF Saba), Lucrecia Paulina and Marva Simmons representing the Saba government. Other attendees were Robin Peeters (Children Guardianship), Brenda van Putten (Slachtofferhulp), Monica Smith and Suyne Robins (CYF) and Elizabeth Jones (CCC).

Domestic violence and child’s right policy coordinator Dirkje de Jong said it is also important professionals develop their knowledge and see how they can support, not only victims but also perpetrators.

The probation officer already works in a compulsory framework with the Kas Sigur method, aimed at preventing the repetition of domestic violence. “We also want to use this way in preventive assistance, before it runs out of control and police and court are involved,” De Jong said.

The Kas Sigur method provides insight into why someone exhibits this behaviour and how this person can get a grip on their anger – how to react differently. Not only the perpetrator is involved, but partners or their children.

There is still too much domestic violence on Statia and children are too often part of it, De Jong said.

On Sunday, November 25, a silent march to mark International Day of the Elimination of Violence against women, men and children will start at 5:00pm at Charlie’s place.

To learn more about tackling domestic violence, visit www.safestatiaportal.com.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/82733-kas-sigur-training-for-saba-and-statia-professionals