Kenty Lichtenberg joins ‘Groovin’ on Wednesdays

Kenty Lichtenberg and Mercedes “Elektra” van der Waals-Wyatt

PHILIPSBURG–Plus size blogger and founder of Kerai Kreative Style Kenty Lichtenberg will be joining Mercedes “Elektra” Wyatt on her new radio programme “Groovin” on Oasis 96.3fm every Wednesday.

  As of today, Wednesday, January 10, Lichtenberg will be part of the segment called Breakfast Bite; food facts and the funnies where the two hope to share more than just fashion. “Being on the radio together with someone that has a wealth of experience in this field is certainly exciting, and I cannot wait to share great things with our listeners,” Lichtenberg said in a press release.

  “This will not be the first collaboration with Elektra as over the past years we have worked together in various marketing, community and women empowerment projects. Our motto has always been that women working together, has an undeniable impact in our society and that is a message that we both share deeply.”

  Lichtenberg is no stranger to the airwaves. “Being a marketer by profession has exposed me to the media in order for me to reach various target groups and audience. I could not think of a better way of starting 2018, as I join Elektra Groovin! on Oasis 96.3fm,” she said.

  She thanked Philipsburg Broadcasting for the opportunity and Elektra for the partnership. “I am sure that we will create great and memorable moments that our listeners will continuously look forward to.”

  Groovin airs weekdays from 7:00am to 10:00am and co-host Kerai Kreative Style will join the programme every Wednesday.  

Source: The Daily Herald