King James, XP crowned winners of Road March and Band Clash



~ Host makes error in calling Road March win ~

PHILIPSBURG–The Miss Universe Pageant had nothing on St. Maarten’s very own Road March show in Carnival Village on Saturday evening which saw host Dutty Sham calling the win for three-time defending champion King Rumer before having to apologise to the crowd and naming Kelvin “King James” as the winner of the Road March competition.
The competition was fierce and all the performers brought their A-game to the stage with dancers, gimmicks and high-energy performances. Ten performers started off the two-part show on Saturday before three bands going head-to-head in the Band Clash competition.
King James performed with dancers and delivered the best performance of the night. His energy, stage presence and voice delivery were on point, according to one of the judges Saturday.


French-side favourites Odd Brothers performed their hit single in the competition and were received well by the half-full Carnival Village.
Defending champion Rumari “King Rumer” Rogers was dressed in full army gear and gave an electrifying performance with messages for all his competitors that he wanted to maintain his crown.

All performers were called on stage for the results to be known after 1:00am and they all lined up next to each other waiting for the host to call their name.
Popular host and radio personality Sham said there was only one winner and no runners-up in this competition. He went on to call out the name of King Rumer as the winner of the 2018 Road March competition. King Rumer fell to the ground and was embraced by his brother and management, supporters while other performers walked away in disbelief.
One minute later, Sham’s voice was heard throughout the village saying he had made a mistake.

“I read the results wrong and I called out the wrong name. The winner of this year’s competition is King James,” Sham said. King Rumer and entourage left the stage while some of the performers and supporters of King James jumped for joy around the first-time Road March winner.

“I would never wish the level of embarrassment and heartache I went through on Saturday night on my worst enemy. What happened and how it happened was very unfortunate. To the new Road March King, King James, I wish you nothing but the best in your reign. You gave an amazing performance and you were rewarded for it,” said Rogers on Sunday.
Sham told The Daily Herald on Sunday, “I misread the results due to the fact that I saw Rumer’s name at the bottom of the paper while the three other performers with the lowest score were at the top of the paper. I immediately concentrated on Rumer’s name because, to be honest, I also thought he won it.

“Believe me, it was really and truly an honest mistake. I want to apologise to Rumer and his family and fans for that mistake on my part. I am sorry and it was an honest mistake.”
King James has put the situation behind him and will represent the island as the Road March King for the remainder of the year until he has to defend his title next year.
The big bad XP Band won the Band Clash competition, which was also held on Saturday after the Road March show. XP Band made history by winning the Band Clash title three years in a row.

TG band and ZTB band competed against the winner, but fell short of grab the title. The race is now on for the title of Band of the Year, which will be announced at the end of the Carnival season.

Source: The Daily Herald