King Vers retains his title, Kenyo Baly wins Groovy

CARNIVAL VILLAGE–King Vers became the first to win Soca Rumble back-to-back on Tuesday night as the Power category winner and first runner-up in the Groovy category.

“Yap Yap” was the name of the song King Vers performed and perform he did, impressing judges by surfing through the crowd right in front of the judges.page11b288

“Who Yuh Fuh” was the song submitted by Kenyo Baly, who gave an electrifying performance in the Groovy category. Baly’s song created much hype prior to the Carnival season and supporters sang it word-for-word during his performance on Tuesday night.

King Vers came in first runner-up with his Groovy song, “Don’t turn off the music” and Da Lion with “I appreciate” came in second runner-up.

In the Power category, Shadz came in first runner-up with the song “Plenty Plenty” and Niqo Bertie sang popular song “Shift her.” All performers were backed up by a band and back-up dancers. Some performers went the extra mile and had a fireworks display while performing.

The well-attended show was organised by Montage NV, which had promoted it heavily during the past weeks.page11d288page11f288


Source: The Daily Herald