King Yen delegation heads to birthplace of Tae kwon do

MIDDLE REGION–Sixteen athletes with a support staff of seven from the King Yen Tae kwon do School of St. Maarten are headed to Korea. The group will be attending the 2016 Kukkiwon Korea Tour July 13 to 22.

 “This is a wonderful opportunity for a martial artist to study, train and visit Korea,” said Grand Master Theo Liu from the King Yen School.  Korea is the Birth place of Tae kwon do and the Kukkiwon is the main headquarters.
  “This cultural tour includes visits to Korea’s most famous landmarks, sightseeing, shopping, world class festival and training at the Kukkiwon in Seoul.”
  Athletes making the trip are Tyrell    Pantophlet, Destiny Washington, Freya     Knaggs, Lee-Ann Liu, Marijn    Luijcks, Naomi    Loor, Malik Loor, Ivyanne Louisa, Rani    Raghosing, Mira Raghosing,
Surya Raghosing and Justin Wilson plus adult athletes Carlo Talkami, Angela Heyliger, Paul Djasmin
and Julian Fleming.
  The support staff includes delegation leader, Theo Liu; therapist, Paulien Vuijst; photographer,
Leopold      Gumbs; coordinators Betty Liu and Charlene    Craig and doctors Radha Sanchit and Anand Raghosing.
  During the 10 day trip the group will attend the 10th World Tae kwon do Culture Expo, as well as receive Training from Korean top masters and coaches. There will be seminars on technical and competition study, a visit to a Buddhist Temple and visit historical village. The highlight of the trip will be participation in an international Tae kwon do competition.
  The group has been training hard and has already done well in regional and international competitions this year.
  This will be an informative, exciting and challenging Tae Kwon Do tour,” said Grandmaster Liu.  “It is a once in a life time opportunity.”

Source: Daily Herald
King Yen delegation heads to birthplace of Tae kwon do