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THE HAGUE–Dutch caretaker State Secretary of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops on Wednesday informed St. Maarten Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs that he has deferred the signing of the NAf. 39 million fifth tranche liquidity support due to the “very worrisome situation” with regard to corporate governance of the Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA). The money will not be released until the St. Maarten government has taken forceful action to restore the situation at the airport.

  In a letter to Jacobs, Knops stated that not only he had expressed concerns to the St. Maarten government about the developments at the airport, but also the special representative of the Netherlands in the reconstruction process Frans Weekers, the World Bank and the Royal Schiphol Group (RSG).

  “All these warnings have not resulted in correcting actions by St. Maarten as airport shareholder. That is why I have to conclude that the issuing of warnings and continuous reminders is no longer sufficient to safeguard the airport’s recovery and by extension, the economic recovery of the entire country,” he stated.

  According to Knops, the “untrustworthy handling” by the director and two members of the supervisory board of the airport’s holding company PJIAH have “increasingly adverse consequences for the execution of the reconstruction project and the realising of good governance.”

  The state secretary pointed out that stability and safeguarding the necessary capacity were crucial in a sizable and essential project such as this one, especially in the current phase of the procurement. “Especially the timing of these decisions in light of the current procurement is therefore incomprehensible.”

  Knops said that the special representative and his person had repeatedly had talks with the St. Maarten government in the past months, urging government to take its responsibility as shareholder and to ensure that reconstruction of the airport terminal could continue unhindered.

  “Even though you keep emphasising your commitment to the reconstruction project and the necessary improvement in the corporate governance, the developments in practice are totally contradictory, and I have seen too little forceful action of your government in this dossier,” he stated.

  “You waved the signals we discussed with you away as rumours, and you stick to the point that the government as shareholder needs to keep its distance. Naturally this is generally correct, but in the case of gross negligence and even distrustful handling by board members, as now happens at PJIAH, it is really up to the shareholder to act forcefully.”

  Knops remarked that, in order to acquire financing for the airport’s reconstruction, the St. Maarten government would do its utmost to secure good governance at the airport. He noted that this pledge, which is also part of the Country Package, was not kept.

  “As a result, the trust in the collaboration with your government has been damaged. By continuously handling too late and not forceful enough, you not only endanger the airport reconstruction, but as a direct result the economic recovery of the entire country,” he stated.

  “Under this circumstance it cannot be demanded of the Netherlands that we keep investing tens of millions of euros in this economic recovery. That is why I will again present the fifth tranche liquidity support to the Kingdom Council of Ministers on May 21. My request will be to defer payment of the NAf. 39 million liquidity support to St. Maarten until your government has acted sufficiently forceful to structurally restore the problems at the airport and to safeguard the successful progress of the airport terminal reconstruction project,” Knops stated.

  The state secretary concluded his letter by stating that he hoped the St. Maarten government could present a “satisfactory solution” for the situation during his visit to St. Maarten early next week. “This is in the interest of St. Maarten and its people.”   

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. 39 millions Naf is not given to SXM. This is a little bit more than 18 million euros. And of that amount Colonial Colonel Knops will be using something more than 2 percent for his new ‘work’ holiday to the sunny islands. That’s the same amount Bill Gates’ future ex-wife uses for 4 days on her private holiday island. Knops spends the same amount for his trip in exactly the same number of days!
    Civil servant, politician or billionaire on the cost of the taxpayer? Corruption is there, especially at the top of the Dutch government.

  2. He little Napoleon, we haven’t forgotten that your CFT is totally corrupt. And that is the organization you named for controlling the colonies. As George Orwell already wrote: Some pigs are more equal than others.

  3. Again the blackmail of the colonialists becomes visible. First Knops stated that COHO had to be signed, otherwise no money. COHO makes us slaves again of the Dutch. White men say: jump, and we may ask: how high? Then, second, the letter to the UN was used as an excuse not to give any money. Blackmail number 2. And after that the cowards in parliament licked the ass of Knops, and thought that the moneyflow would start again, Knops discovers a third way to blackmail the people of sxm: his boyfriend Mingo, one of the most corrupt people in the region, should be reinstated. And as we know, the justice apparatus is also the colonial one, so Knops had ordered the judges to decide in that direction. And they did. Now, again, we see it’s only a carrot that is hold back, everytime a little bit more away from reaching.
    And now, when the white colonialists are bored about the bad weather in european Netherlands, Knops and his terror boys want to see some sunshine – for themselves – and want to visit the islands. Alone that trip would cost the dutch taxpayer between 300.000 and 400.000 euros, prostitutes not included. Colonialism always has two measures.

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