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Representatives of Kooyman, Elektralyets Foundation and RiRi Productions.


CAY HILL–Kooyman Megastore is one of the top sponsors of this year’s fundraising Colour Walk, which will be held on Sunday, September 30, from 6:00am at Kim Sha Beach.

“We have supported this event for the past three years and we will continue to do so, because we believe in the positive message that drives this event,” Kooyman Marketing Officer Evencia Carty-Seabrookes said. “So, get up and join us at the 2018 Colour Walk because Kooyman and our team of volunteers are ready to celebrate with you at the Green Station.”

Pink has been selected as the theme colour for this year’s Colour Walk in recognition of breast cancer awareness month. “The Colour Walk is not your average walkathon – it has a pop of colour – five colours to be exact. Participants are provided with white Colour Walk T-shirts and are encouraged to run/walk through five colour stations along the way,” Kooyman said in a press release on Tuesday.

“Every colour represents an achievement,” RiRi Productions Founder Richardina Nicolaas said in the release. “The Colour Walk is more than just a walkathon, it’s about being motivated to get up, get moving and give it our best. No matter what challenges face us, together we can overcome it,” she added.

At every station, participants will experience a new colour as they pass through a cloud of coloured powder, turning their T-shirts from white to a rainbow of colours at the end of their journey. Colour stations can be adopted by corporate companies. The goal of the event is to raise awareness and encourage participants to get active and show their support by coming out and walking in unity.

“The Elektralyets Foundation and the Positive Foundation are very proud of local businesses and foundations alike who recognise the importance of sharing the message of hope and bringing awareness to such a worthy cause as breast cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. And it is the second leading cause of cancer death among women worldwide,” said Elektralyets Foundation president Mercedes van der Waals-Wyatt.

She thanked RiRi Productions and all sponsors and participants for their support. Colour Walk packages cost US $20 each and include T-shirts, sunglasses, refreshments and other goodies. Tickets are available for purchase at Kooyman Megastore from September 26, through September 29. Additional information can be obtained by calling tel. 556-6850/5239272 or e-mailing:

Riri.productions@hotmail.com .

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/81007-kooyman-a-major-colour-walk-sponsor