Labega, Badejo among three arrested for ‘embezzlement, theft, forgery’

PHILIPSBURG–Former Tourist Bureau Head Regina Labega (56) and writer Fabian Badejo (55) were amongst three persons arrested on Monday based on “complaints” filed by Finance Department Head in November 2010 about embezzlement in employment, theft and forgery.

  The third person arrested carries the initials E.A.I.F (36). The Prosecutors Office said the arrested will be heard on the currently available research results. “This will probably take several days, given the size of the dossier.”

  The Prosecutors Office said the National Detective Agency has been busy with a long-term investigation against the staff of the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau. In this regard the National Detective Bureau conducted on October 15, 2015 house searches on five different locations.

  This investigation, called Colade, is now almost completed. “The long duration of the investigation is due to the fact that a lot of information had to be obtained from abroad and their analysis has taken much time. In addition, the National Detectives Department, in particular when the investigation started, had a very limited capacity and was constantly confronted with other big investigations.”

  The case against a fourth suspect Edward Dest (51) in the Colade investigation was already been brought before the judge and on March 25, 2015 was sentenced to one day in jail for “complicity in the deliberate misappropriation of money or monetary instruments as an official.”

  The prosecution intends to present its investigation to court in the second half of this year. 

Source: Daily Herald
Labega, Badejo among three arrested for ‘embezzlement, theft, forgery’