Labriska Courtar hosts lunch for the shelterees


Labriska Courtar and the shelterees

PHILIPSBURG–In light of the holidays, Labriska Courtar organised a Christmas lunch for the approximately 100 persons living in the Festival Village and the Little League Ball Park who lost their homes due to Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

  The lunch consisted of turkey, ham, lasagna, journey cakes and much more.


  “It has always been a plan of mine to give back to those in need. Hosting this event with my support team was amazing. It was a good feeling to contribute this Christmas season.

This Christmas season, instead of making it just about receiving and giving gifts, I dedicated my time, with my friends and family, to putting this charitable event together. Everyone deserves to feel loved especially during the holidays. I wanted the sheleterees to know that they were not forgotten,” Courtar said.

  She was also able to give approximately 30 children Christmas gifts for the holidays.

  Courtar thanked KFC management, TelEm, Lucky’s Cosmetics, Kams World, Sunny Food, Carrefour, SOG, Intertoys, Sherwin Woods (CTC), Member of Parliament Ardwell Irion, Raplh Remi, marketing and communication consultant Kimberly Meyers, Fermin Marlin, Khalil Revan, Dwayne Cameron, Jaimee Williams, Janale, Carddy, Christina, Keishan, Whitney, Henry, Ashanti, Vanya, and Evelyn for making this event a great success.

Source: The Daily Herald