Ladies for dogs

Animal Defenders, represented by Mercedes De Windt (centre), can continue its dog vaccination campaign thanks to a donation from a group of ladies represented by Priya Chellani and Sunita Kamal.

The campaign provides vouchers of US $10 each to dog owners for a pet examination, vaccination, de-worming and nail clipping (if needed) from St. Maarten Veterinary Clinic in Cay Hill. The rest of the veterinary package cost is subsidised by Animal Defenders via donations. The vaccination campaign seeks to tackle the extremely contagious canine distemper. The $10 vouchers will be available for purchase at the clinic on Saturday. This will be the second time vouchers will be on sale. The first saw 38 pet owners purchase vouchers. A third voucher sale day, supported by the funds from the ladies, will be organised in near future. Animal Defenders SXM can be reached via or 553-3116

Source: The Daily Herald