Lagoon clean-up set for Sunday


Mason Chadwick and crew clean Simpson Bay Lagoon.

SIMPSON BAY–Nature Foundation and Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) are joining forces to support Mason Chadwick’s “A Bit at a Time” initiative to clean up parts of Simpson Bay Lagoon. The collaborated nature initiative will organise three lagoon clean-up events in the coming weeks. Volunteers are needed.

  The first clean-up will take place next to Airport Boulevard on Sunday. Meeting place is in front of Dinghy Dock Bar at 8:00am. The activity continues until 11:00am. Garbage bags, water and small snacks will be provided by the foundations. Volunteers should wear a hat, strong shoes and working gloves, and carry a reusable bottle for drinking water refill.


  Chadwick and fellow helpers wanted to do something about the trash and debris in the Lagoon and they already have started cleaning the Lagoon on a constant basis.

  “We welcomed this noble initiative and want to support his and many other initiatives to make a cleaner and more beautiful St Maarten,” said the foundations.

  There is still a tremendous amount to clean up and restore in the Lagoon due to hurricane debris. Large amounts of plastic also constantly end up in the lagoon due to littering.

Simpson Bay Lagoon covered in hurricane debris and trash. (EPIC photo)

Source: The Daily Herald