Lake says Government has to ‘straighten out’ garbage issue

PHILIPSBURG–Independent Member of Parliament (MP) Maurice Lake said on Sunday, that government must “straighten out” the garbage system to provide residents with “good service.”

Lake said he had been observing the transition phase of the five waste haulers as it relates to picking up garbage over the past weeks. “I also have been walking around in the different districts, talking to the residents, communicating with some waste haulers about the garbage situation, and listening to the different radio/ television programmes and especially taking note of the residents’ comments and concerns,” Lake said in a press release, adding that he has also taken note of complaints via social media.

He said government has to put standards on waste haulers that their workers must wear safety gear and other protective gear when carrying out their work. “Government needs to address the situation right away by starting to hold waste haulers responsible and accountable for their districts. Clearly the transition phase didn’t run smoothly, but it is time for the waste haulers to get their act together by getting to know their districts, the residents and doing their job as it should be done,” Lake said.

“You can’t clean some areas and leave the other side roads in the same district dirty; this is unacceptable and not good service. There are standards that have to be upheld. I would advise [Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI, Ed.] Minister [Angel, Ed.] Meyers to get a route schedule from each waste hauler along with the time they are going to pick up the garbage within the districts.

“Those responsible within the Ministry can do spot checks to ascertain whether or not good service was provided by driving through the districts and documenting their observations. In the event that waste haulers cannot execute their duties, the Ministry must review their contract. There must be checks and balances put in place by the Ministry,” he said.

He urged Meyers to have an urgent meeting with the waste haulers and landfill operators to see what the issues are, and to have VROMI Inspectors enforce a better plan of action to deal with the garbage situation and the landfill.

He commended Meyers, the Indian Merchants Association, businesses and All Waste in Place for finding a solution for the commercial garbage in Philipsburg.

He said the landfill has been an issue for years and there had been several fires there under different contractors who had been managing the landfill. The fires will continue irrespective of who is managing the landfill until the root of the problem is addressed, he noted.

“It is nearing its capacity and things have to change by starting the waste to energy project. The landfill must be a priority and government has to take the necessary steps to address the landfill problem by starting to execute the Waste to Energy project in the general interest of the people,” he noted.

Source: Daily Herald Lake says Government has to ‘straighten out’ garbage issue