Lamicia promises to continue fighting for Haitian community

~ Board celebrates one year in office ~

PHILIPSBURG–The United Haitian Community Association board had a changing of the guard on November 29, 2015, and saw the election of its new President Celicus Lamicia. On Monday she announced that she will continue fighting for Haitian nationals who continue to fall on hard times on the island.

The foundation has grown during the past year and can now boast of having an office in the Marcus Building in Philipsburg. “We have a good team that works every day for the betterment of our community,” stated Lamicia.

She was able to receive help from various businesses in the community for hurricane victims in Haiti. Two containers were shipped off to Haiti last week Tuesday full of relief items collected by the foundation. “We would not be able to do it without the kind assistance of the Indian Merchants Association and the Latin community, among others,” Lamicia said.

The association recently started accepting members, who receive membership cards. Some 44 persons are registered as members of the group and they encourage others to come forward and sign up.

“I want to continue helping my people and providing assistance with guiding them to get legal documentation for residency. The foundation was also able to help fire victims get back their legal documents,” Lamicia said. “Continue to stand with me and we will make a difference to improve the island as a people.

“Special gratitude goes out to Louie Laveist who gave us our location for six months without paying. We do appreciate the push. There are so many people we would like to thank for the support we received this year. We rely on community support and we hope that this continues for 2017. We plan to go into neighbourhoods and get feedback from the Haitian community.”

The organisation also wished the new Government much strength and hopes to meet with the new Ministers soon to bring forward the Haitian community’s issues.

Lamicia also thanked Prime Minister William Marlin for always being helpful towards the foundation’s events.

Persons interested in becoming a member of the association can call tel. 586-1642.

Source: The Daily Herald