Large sweet potato reaped in Anguilla | THE DAILY HERALD

Lindon Hodge displays the 12.26-pound sweet potato.

ANGUILLA–One of the largest sweet potatoes to be reaped in recent times was harvested over the weekend by Lindon Hodge of the Hodges Farms in The Farrington.

The potato, which weighs 12.26 pounds, was found beside one of the walls of his home where it had been getting surplus water from a drain. He saw a crack in the earth, dug around the crack and was surprised when, after much digging he unearthed, the monster potato.

Lindon and his brother Ivor reaped more than 200 pounds of potatoes in their backyard gardens in February and March this year. They hope to reap as much later this year when the rain begins.

Source: The Daily Herald