Lavish costumes, high energy routines mark Adult Carnival Parade on Sunday | THE DAILY HERALD

Bacchanal Storm Troupe perform on Rue de la République during the Adult Carnival Parade on Sunday. Story and more photos on page . (Robert Luckock photo)

MARIGOT–An abundance of sequins, beads and feathers in glorious colours was the order of the day again on Sunday as the Adult Carnival Parade took the streets of Marigot on a sunny afternoon.

  Just six of the originally-expected seven troupes took their turns to impress the crowds of spectators lining the streets with flamboyant costumes and energetic choreography routines on Rue de la République.

  The procession started as usual from the Agrément roundabout and was led by a motorcade of Carnival Queens with 2019 Miss Carnival Channelia Chathuant-Richardson first in line and runners-up Nayeli Hassel, Natoinia Saunders, Tonnacia McKinnon, Zorah Richardson, Selena Valrose, and Emilia Bellot in the following cars, and the Locomotiv percussion group.

  Individual Costume contestants from Saturday night were also in the procession, among them Queen of the Tribe, Golden Garden Queen, Fairy Godmother of Mas, Venise Mass Extravaganza, Marjorie Seduction and Papillon.

  Spotted in costume in the early part of the procession were Festivités Carnavalesque de St. Martin (FCDSM) President Luciana Raspail, Cleo Carti, and former Territorial Councillor Jesus Anteros Santos who was with the Dominican Republic troupe.

  Troupes that featured in the parade were, in order, Survivors from the Dutch side, Oxygen presented “Exotic Birds,” and Hot N Spicy was a large troupe in two sections whose theme was “Welcome to Las Vegas – Place your bets.”

  The Dominican Republic Association presented “Different Culture, One Nation,” troupe Kiskeya presented “Pearls of the Caribbean,” and former winners Bacchanal Storm presented “Elements of the Sea.”

  Judges for the adult parade were Janice Philips, Noah Mills and Paula Gordon for the troupes, and Rudy Davis, Melissa Boasman and Fabiana Richardson. Master of Ceremonies Ricky Da Phox channelled his inner gladiator for the parade.

  Troupes can earn a maximum 90 points for punctuality, overall impact, creativity, originality, discipline and presentation, theme, performance and craftsmanship. Choreography offers a maximum 70 points for performance, creativity, synchronisation, cohesion, coordination of movement, timing and impact on the public.

  Results will be announced at a later date.

Source: The Daily Herald