Lawyer: ‘Stay of execution’ for Turner until season ends

MARIGOT–Tropical Wave Restaurant proprietor Patrick Turner will be allowed to operate his restaurant at Le Galion throughout the 2016-2017 season, his wife Tracey disclosed on Tuesday, quoting their lawyer.

A recent rumour of an eviction coming into force in 15 days was not true, she said.

Turner’s lawyer has been in negotiations with Conservatoire du Littoral defending the Turners’ case, although neither Turner nor his wife was present at the latest meeting. Turner himself has been in hospital in Guadeloupe during the past few months. The reason for the delay in eviction is not known.

“Since the eviction notice was issued in November there still has been no judgement on a date, so we are just buying time,” Tracey added. “In one sense it is a relief to be allowed some respite from the stress, but inevitably there will be an eviction date issued.”

She said she had become resigned to being “forced out” but hoped it would come either at the end of this season or end of next season.

Asked whether her husband had the same view, she replied. “I don’t think he has any choice now. It is a legal case and they (Conservatoire) want us out.”

Turner said she had not had any communication or visits from the Conservatoire since incidents occurred at the time of the demolition of the hotel buildings.

Confirmation of the delay could not be immediately obtained from the Conservatoire last night.

Source: The Daily Herald