Lee discusses NHI with Bahamian dignitaries

Health Minister Emil Lee (centre) with representatives of the government of the Bahamas.

PHILIPSBURG– Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labour Emil Lee met with government officials of the Bahamas concerning their plans to roll out a new national health insurance, during his recent visit there.

  “Just like in the Bahamas developing universal health coverage for our people is one of the goals that have been set out by government. It is our goal to ensure that our people have access to affordable, quality health care close to home,” Lee said.

  Lee also met with National Health Insurance (NHI) Bahamas and Permanent Secretary Dr. Delon Brennen.

  “As part of our effort to research and develop a sustainable model for St Maarten’s NHI, we have been speaking to as many of our other partners in the Caribbean to see how they are developing their models for NHI. We believe that it makes sense to learn from the successes and failures from others that have already developed or rolled out NHI.” 

  He said Brennen’s presentation had been “very informative” and contained many points of concern for St. Maarten to consider, and many recommendations for St Maarten to take into account as it develops its NHI programme. “Developing a sustainable NHI programme on a small island is not a unique challenge and we welcome the opportunity to learn from our neighbours,” Lee said.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/63505-lee-discusses-nhi-with-bahamian-dignitaries