Leroy Vlaun to run with OSPP

PHILIPSBURG–Musician and educator Leroy Vlaun has joined the political arena and is set to contest the September 26 elections on the slate of the One St. Maarten People Party (OSPP), party leader Lenny Priest announced in a press release on Sunday.

  Vlaun has been a music educator at Methodist Agogic Centre (MAC) for the past 30 years, and at St. Dominic High School for three years. He also gives music classes at John Larmonie Centre on Saturdays.

  “I have been quietly working for the betterment of my country as an educator and musician for most of my adult life, and now I want to work with you so we can do this and much more on a wider scale,” Vlaun said in the release.

  For years, Vlaun has worked daily through an after-school music programme with children in an effort to keep them progressive, and as an artist has arranged music for many persons locally, regionally and internationally. He said he is currently working on a Master’s Degree in education Management, as preparation for the eventuality of opening a “quality music school” to provide a sound option for kids who are musically inclined.

  He has also worked on a music programme with music ambassador Anastacia Larmonie – a programme written by Vlaun – that was carried out through an educational programme under the guidance of Vernon Richards and Richard Garrin. “He believes that by throwing his hat into the political ring he will be able to impact a broader portion of the populace, and hopes to help introduce programmes that will benefit the entire island, in particular youth, who may not have had the opportunity to nurture their musical talents because of a lack of financial and other types of support.

  Priest said educators must be on the agenda of every developing country and Vlaun is a great educator. “Vlaun is no stranger to politics, although he has not been on any party’s ticket prior to now… Leroy Vlaun is politically aware, because he comes from a family where he has an aunt, who served as an island council member and as a commissioner. They are one of the island’s most respected families for their contributions in many fields, but in particular music, sports and through his aunt and now him, politics,” Priest said.

  Vlaun said he is “pleased and proud” to run on the OSPP ticket, since “OSPP’s commitment to working to protect the children’s future” mirrors his own.

Source: Daily Herald
Leroy Vlaun to run with OSPP