Les Fruits de Mer donates exhibit panels to French Quarter school | THE DAILY HERALD

Les Fruits de Mer volunteers with the panels that were donated to Omer Arrondell Primary School.


MARIGOT–Classroom walls at Omer Arrondell Primary School in French Quarter have become a lot more exciting. Les Fruits de Mer Association donated copies of 24 panels from Amuseum Naturalis to the school. The educational panels cover a variety of local nature and heritage topics and will rotate through the different classes.

  “Our association’s mission is to share all the things that make St. Martin special,” explained Les Fruits de Mer President Jenn Yerkes. “A lot of that is missing from school lesson plans, so this was a great opportunity to literally get this information into the classroom in a fun and colourful way.”

  The panels were made as part of Les Fruits de Mer’s project Quartier+Museé. The project goal is to extend the connection between Amuseum Naturalis and French Quarter by featuring French Quarter topics at the Amuseum and sharing Amuseum content with the town.

  The project is funded by General Commission for Territorial Equality CGET and the Collectivité of St. Martin under the Politique de la Ville programme.

  The teachers were excited to receive the bilingual English-French panels. Each panel tells a unique story about St. Martin and is illustrated with vivid photos. Topics include the animals that live only on St. Martin, the bear-sized rodent that once lived here, the origins of bush medicine plants and techniques, and the native tree with the hardest wood in the world.

  Les Fruits de Mer hopes to find the funds to print panels for as many schools as possible. The association is also happy to share the panel designs with any school or organisation interested in printing their own copies. Amuseum Naturalis offers free school and youth group visits as well. Contact Les Fruits de Mer at


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to find out more.

  Amuseum Naturalis located at The Old House, on the hill above Le Galion Beach in French Quarter, and is open from 9:00am to 12:00 noon, Tuesday to Saturday. Admission is free to all. More information and a map are available at

http://amuseumnaturalis.com .

  Les Fruits de Mer is a non-profit association based in St. Martin, the core mission of which is to raise awareness about nature, culture and heritage. The organisation carries out this mission through a free museum, publications, an education programme and special public outreach events that entertain, inspire and inform. The association is currently accepting new member and corporate benefactor member applications on its website


Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/les-fruits-de-mer-donates-exhibit-panels-to-french-quarter-school