Letter to Editor: Our Trust Has Been Broken

Letter to Editor ~ The Daily Herald ~ Nov 29h, 2016

Dear Editor,

After reading the verdict in the case of the new hospital I eagerly awaited a response from the “guilty” parties, namely Minister VSA, SZV and SMMC. I was hoping for some show of remorse from these fine people for trying to manipulate the process to their own advantage. After all the Minister VSA, during his tenure as Minister and his most recent political campaign, proclaimed a promise of transparency and good Governance, that promise has been broken.

Instead, I read only of disappointment with the verdict and the delays it will cause in the execution of this corrupt tender process. The court verdict was very clear that the whole process in selecting a winning bidder lacked transparency and went against all principles of good Governance.

In any other developed nation persons would be impeached and/or end up in jail for trying to circumvent the laws that govern us.

Accountability is a fundamental requirement of good governance and we need to start holding our elected and appointed officials personally accountable for their actions. This accountability should be applied throughout the Government through to the government- owned companies, holding directors and executives being personally accountable and financially liable for any decisions they make.

Executives and directors at government-owned companies rarely face personal liability for failures of oversight that lead to large penalties or losses to these organisations.

We need to demand that these persons playing with our taxpayer money be held personally accountable and financially liable for any unscrupulous behaviour. This can be negligence, ethics violations, direction to subordinates that is contrary to or expands beyond existing law, breach of contract, lack of transparency etc.

Penalties for unscrupulous behaviour or for improper use of public funds should result in imprisonment, fines, forfeiture, punitive damages and ineligibility for public office.

Once we can start prosecuting our elected and appointed officials and recover our wasted taxpayer money, we may see these individuals executing their duties and responsibilities with greater care.

Name withheld at author’s request.


Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/opinion/letter-to-the-editor/61920-our-trust-has-been-broken


  1. It’s clear that Inso was the favored party from the beginning and the Minister allowed it to be played in their favor. Not strange as it’s common knowledge that Inso was brought in by the DP party leader’s son.