‘Letters of May’ art exhibit, book raise awareness for mental health

CAY HILL–Escaping the Vault and Mental Health Foundation (MHF) on Friday afternoon jointly launched “Letters of May,” an art exhibition and book launch at MHF’s Faraja Center on Leopard Road.

Julie Alcin of Escaping the Vault has been instrumental in raising awareness of mental health through “Letters of May.” This project consists of the presentation of a wide range of art, such as paintings and drawings, as well as poetry and prose, to allow persons that deal with or have dealt with mental health issues to tell their story in a way that spreads hope, educates, and helps put an end to stigma.

This project seeks to raise awareness for mental health in giving hope to those that struggle with mental-health problems, showing how it is to live with mental health, in assisting in putting an end to the stigma on mental health, and by educating others on mental health. The deadline for submitting artworks for this project was mid-April.

Stakeholders in mental health care, relations of MHF and members of the public attended the art exhibition to see the beautiful artworks displayed at MHFs Faraja Center.

MHF is the leading secondary mental health care provider on St. Maarten, and has been operational since 2006. In addition to providing support and treatment for mental-health issues brought on by everyday challenges of life, MHF is currently the only mental-health facility in St. Maarten that provides 24-hour inpatient care to individuals suffering from the most severe forms of mental illness.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/66136-letters-of-may-art-exhibit-book-raise-awareness-for-mental-health