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Juliana Bridge

Lights on the road.

WILLEMSTAD–A signal of hope and light in difficult times was the main message organisers of #LightTheSky Curaçao wanted to send out to the world in connection with the coronavirus crisis. “There is still so much good and positivity happening around, so there is always light on the horizon,” stated a press release.

This solidarity initiative of the entertainment industry in Curaçao took place on March 22 from 7:00 to 9:30pm. It made people stop and look in all corners of the island, while many in quarantine reportedly felt the positive vibe.

The event was streamed live on social media through the Facebook page of Light the Sky Curaçao in cooperation with the local television channels. Personalities like Tumba King Raey Lauffer, Ronald Balentien, Gigi Clotida, Dibo Doran, Aisha Lucas, Giltaly Doran, Germone de Lima, Nahason Sanches, Archangela Garcia, Clifton Nicolina, Manuel Martis, Urly Christina and Djurig supported the action along with a host of businesses and other stakeholders.

According to the release, they managed to send a strong message of solidarity with those still working and battling the COVID-19 threat. “In moments like this we should always keep [our – Ed.] heads up high, take care of each other, stay safe, fight together, keep hope alive and maintain the necessary precautions, as all of this will serve when we prevail and win for a better future.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/lightthesky-curacao-event