Lions celebrate diversity, bridging cultures on World Literature Day | THE DAILY HERALD

St. Maarten Lions Club members reading to children on Friday, World Literature Day.

PHILIPSBURG–On World Literature Day, September 8, St. Maarten Lions Club President Felix Richards paid tribute to this day that honours the beauty and power of words. In a world that often highlights our differences, literature reminds us of the universality of human experiences, Richards said.

“Literature has the remarkable ability to transcend borders, cultures, and time itself. It’s a bridge that connects us, a mirror that reflects our shared humanity, and a beacon of enlightenment,” he said.

This year, St. Maarten Lions Club chose “Voices of Diversity: Bridging Cultures” as slogan for the club’s World Literature Day celebration. “This slogan encapsulates the essence of literature’s impact on our lives,” Richards said. “It echoes the voices of diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives, reminding us that, beneath it all, we share common dreams, fears, and hopes.”

Richards further stated that literature serves as a conduit for understanding and empathy. “It allows us to step into the shoes of characters from distant lands, to glimpse into the hearts and minds of people with different backgrounds and beliefs,” he said. “Through literature, we become global citizens, fostering a profound sense of unity amidst our rich tapestry of diversity.”

This year’s World Literature Day theme “Promoting literacy for a world in transition: building the foundation for sustainable and peaceful societies” urges us to explore literature from around the world, to savour the nuances of storytelling, and to appreciate the myriad voices that enrich our global literary heritage.

Richards said: “As we celebrate World Literature Day, let us not only revel in the joy of reading and storytelling, but also recognise the responsibility that comes with it. Literature has the power to shape opinions, challenge prejudices, and inspire change. It's a force for positive transformation.”

So, let us read widely, he said. “Share your favourite stories, and engage in discussions that celebrate the beauty of diversity in literature. By doing so, we honour the true spirit of World Literature Day and contribute to the fostering of a more interconnected, compassionate, and understanding world.”

Source: The Daily Herald