Lions Health Fair set for Saturday

Lions Health Fair 2016.


PHILIPSBURG–All is set for the St. Maarten Lions Club’s ninth annual “Lion Rudy Hoeve Health and Wellness Fair,” scheduled for 9:00am to 4:00pm this coming Saturday at the Festival Village.

  Twenty-five stakeholders involved in healthcare, prevention and wellness in St. Maarten have signed up with the Lions Club to provide the public with health tests, examinations, presentations, lectures and general healthcare and wellness information.

  Diabetes Foundation has been with the Lions Health and Wellness Fair from the very beginning and will again be carrying out free blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and all other tests related to diabetes. Again this year the Foundation is flying in the podiatrist from Curaçao who will be carrying out treatment of diabetic feet. Last year at the fair the podiatrist treated numerous bad diabetic feet and the Foundation is inviting all diabetics to make use of this very important treatment free of charge.

  The Diabetes Foundation is also urging persons to come early, as the podiatrist will only be present from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Persons do not need to fast before their examinations; they can have their regular breakfast.

  AIDS Foundation also has been a major contributor to the fair since the beginning and will once again be carrying out the usual HIV/AIDS testing.

  Windward Island Emergency Services (WIEMS) will give information on its courses such as Introduction to CPR and Demonstration of the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and will display its teaching equipment.

  Positive Foundation has information for the general public on Breast Cancer Prevention.

  Alpha Health Care has been with the Lions Health Fair for many years and once again will be displaying many items such as diabetic shoes, compression stockings, mobility items, walkers, relaters, scooters, bathroom needs, blood pressure machines, diabetic meters and much more. Explanations will also be given on the many items that are covered by Social and Health Insurance SZV and other private insurance companies.

  Sickle Cell Foundation will be promoting awareness about sickle cell disease and encouraging the public to know their status. Brochures will be shared, advice will be given and the SLS Lab will be conducting screening for those persons who are interested in this disease. The Foundation will also be accepting membership applications on that day.

  Kidney Foundation will have a certified dialysis nurse present to share information about dialysis, kidney failure, chronic kidney diseases and prevention. Important information will be distributed in the form of flyers.

  St. Maarten Alzheimer Foundation will be providing information on Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia as well as information to maintain a healthy brain. The public will have the opportunity to talk to an experienced professional nurse at the fair about “How to care for persons with Dementia.” The public will also have the opportunity to talk to family caregivers with experience. There will be free memory testing, which takes only five minutes.  

  A newcomer to the Health and Wellness Fair is the St. Maarten Consumers Coalition, which will provide information about its services, about the rights of the consumers to promote their health and wellbeing. It will give information on the quality of the products, services and prices.

  Bio Magnetism is another new addition to the fair and anyone with a health issue will get the opportunity to scan one tissue for 10 minutes. Demonstrations will also be given to test to see whether a product is good for the person.

  Enable Holistic Occupational Therapy has also been a long-serving contributor to the Health Fair for many years. Holistic Occupational Therapist D’Antoinette Roger-Sorton will be providing information on occupational therapy and providing information on what it is like to live with different disabilities. She will also provide a look at the specialty equipment.

  There will be three presentations the general public should not miss. Cardiologist Dr. Emiko Bird-Lake will speak at 10:00am on “High Blood Pressure and Stroke.” This is a very important presentation especially for persons suffering from high blood pressure. High blood pressure resulting in strokes is very prevalent in St. Maarten lately and those persons wanting to hear this presentation are requested to be at the Festival Village before 10:00am.

  SZV will be making two presentations from 12:00 through 3:00pm. The first presentation will deal with “Rights and Obligations of ZV insured (with a highlight on the Medical Coverage).” The second presentation will deal with “Requirements and Procedure: Medical Reimbursement Claims.”

  Vital Health Clinic’s Dietitian Jeshneila Carti will be giving valuable information on dieting.

  St. Maarten Foundation for Psychologists and Orthopedagogen [Special Educators – Ed.] will offer parents trainings to help restore parental authority. It looks forward to hearing from the community at the fair and sharing information with them.

  Nature’s Discount will offer general information on men’s, women’s and children’s health. The public will also be able to taste items from its organic-juicing and health-conscious kitchen, and it will have items to give away.

  Physiotherapist Angeli Balani will be sharing information on physical therapy for all sorts of illnesses.

  Henderson Insurances will again be part of the fair and will be explaining to the public about preparing for retirement and choosing a good pension plan.

  Martijn Trading will be displaying various healthcare products.

  I&I Fitness Gym will have its clients, young and old, especially the senior citizens, demonstrate their ability with various exercises.

  President of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams will also be present with her Zumba Group giving performances and inviting all Zumba dancers to join her at 10:00am to be part of the demonstrations the group will be giving.

  Some additional potential stakeholders also are busy finalising their participation at the Lion Rudy Hoeve Health and Wellness Fair in the coming days.

  The Lions Club will be keeping count of the number of persons attending the fair this year and on entering the Village everyone will receive a floor plan with information on where each stakeholder is located and which booth number.

  All stakeholders have been asked to compile a report of the day’s proceedings where it pertains to the number of persons who visited their booths. They also will report extraordinary alarming health situations, mentioning only numbers and no details on individuals.

  The St. Maarten Lions Club will then send a general report of the entire Health and Wellness Fair to the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour for its review. The St. Maarten Lions Club is extremely happy to once more offer the general public of St. Maarten this very valuable Health and Wellness Fair where all tests, examinations and presentations will be free of charge.

Source: The Daily Herald