Livestock owners advised to review animal security plans


PHILIPSBURG–Livestock owners are urged by the Office of Disaster Management to review their plans to secure livestock in the event of a storm/hurricane strike.

  ODM said owners should make sure their animal holding areas and other infrastructure can sustain a storm strike. Also, any loose material not in use should be securely fastened to avoid damage to property and endangering human lives in the passing of a storm. 

Owners should take into consideration that they should not keep cattle in a barn or stable structure; this is to prevent injury from flying debris. If the barn/stable collapses, cattle have no chance to save themselves, said ODM in a press statement.


  Owners are advised to relocate livestock to a predetermined safe area and ensure that they have access to hay, pasture, clean water, and a safe area or high ground above flood levels.

  Chicken coops should be reinforced now, if not done in advance of the annual Atlantic Hurricane Season.

  Medical supplies and a first aid kit should be kept on hand as well as drinking water and feed for a number of days.

Source: The Daily Herald