Load-shedding possible today, Tues. and Wed.

PHILIPSBURG–The lights went out in households and businesses over the weekend after an “unexpected mechanical problem” with diesel generator/engine 19 resulted in utilities company GEBE shedding load in several areas.

The load-shedding is likely to continue today, Monday, as well as on Tuesday and Wednesday. Although the power outages began early in the day, GEBE said in a statement on its Facebook page early Sunday evening that certain areas should expect shortage of power on Sunday.

“There’s a possibility that on Monday and possibly Tuesday to Wednesday we will experience the same issues until the turbo charge has been replaced. We will keep you posted with the developments with our engine and possible load-shedding,” the company said.

The exact areas affected could not be ascertained on Sunday. Several areas had been experiencing outages since Friday, some on Saturday and some on Sunday. Some areas such as Belvedere and Dutch Quarter had outages twice on Sunday.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/61555-load-shedding-possible-today-tues-and-wed