Local contractors block Le Galion demolition

MARIGOT–A handful of local contractors interrupted the planned demolition of the former Le Galion Hotel buildings on Monday in a protest against the awarding of the demolition contract to a Martinique company.

Heavy equipment had been brought in to stop the demolition from proceeding, Capitaine Emmanuel Maignan indicated.
“Local St. Martin contractors feel they should have been given the work but the law is the law and has to be respected. Martinique won the bid for the demolition contract,” he explained.
Maignan said Gendarmes were summoned at around 11:00am. They immediately sealed off the demolition site and prevented access to Le Galion from the road.
“There was a confrontation but in reality it was not a big problem,” Maignan added. “There was no violence, no threatening behaviour. It was very calm. There were four St. Martiners there who were protesting. I believe they wanted to be included for transportation and removal of the debris. The Martinique company boss was talking to them about jobs.”
According to Capitaine Maignan the situation was over by 6:00pm when everyone dispersed but it was not known if the matter had been resolved.
One of the protestors told this newspaper they would find out today whether local contractors could participate in the job.
It was not clear whether the demolition was accomplished on Monday or put on hold.

Source: Daily Herald
Local contractors block Le Galion demolition