Local organisations look to form national trauma team

A scene during the session held at the Government Administration Building on Monday. 

PHILIPSBURG–Representatives of Loma Linda University and a trauma team in Trinidad and Tobago met with organisations in St. Maarten that are involved in psycho-social care on Monday.

  One of the goals of the meeting was for the visiting delegation to share their experiences and best practices so that the local organisations can get insight into the ingredients needed to form a national trauma team in the country.

  The trauma team from Trinidad was brought to the island by the Adventist Development Relief Agency, a global humanitarian organisation of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church which is represented in more than 13 countries.

  Present at Monday’s meeting were representatives of the St. Maarten Fire Department, various sections of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Affairs VSA, the Social Workers Association, St. Maarten Association of Psychologist and Associated Professionals, the Court of Guardianship and other persons who are also in the field of psycho-social care.

  A representative of the Fire Department who was at the meeting said the visiting representatives spoke about the model with which they currently work and shared their experience about how they came to form a trauma team in Trinidad, amongst other things. “We looked into what kind of framework we would have to put in place to have the different (local) organisations work together to see if we can start a national trauma team.”

  The local organisations plan to have a follow-up meeting to Monday’s session with the visiting delegation.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/71371-local-organisations-look-to-form-national-trauma-team