Looters will be prosecuted

PHILIPSBURG–The past days, military and police units on the island have put an end to widespread looting post Hurricane Irma. An unknown number of persons were detained. Due to lack of detention capacity, persons who did not commit very serious facts have been sent home.

According to Prosecutor spokesman Norman Serphos, all video-material will be reviewed at a later date. Meanwhile, a lot of data from the internet about looting has been recorded by a combined police team. The available photos of these suspects will be shared via the internet and the public will be actively asked for assistance in identifying the suspects.

At the moment there is still no internet and telephone on St. Maarten, once communication is back, the website from the prosecutor will be back on. Citizens can offer their help and upload information about robbers and looters, as well as passing
on information about robbers over the internet.

Plunderers who voluntarily reported themselves, and have and did not commit serious robbery are being used by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) to carry out rehabilitation work on the island. Persons arrested will be brought to court and the Prosecutor will demand an unconditional imprisonment.

As of today, Tuesday, persons arrested are sent home only after an agreement has been reached with the Prosecutor’s Office in Philipsburg. Summary justice sessions (snelrecht) are being organized to bring robbers and looters to justice, according to the prosecutor’s office on Tuesday.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/69306-looters-will-be-prosecuted