LU celebrated 100th day of school Feb. 8

Students form the number 100.

 CAY HILL–Learning Unlimited (LU) Preparatory School celebrated the 100th day of the current academic year with several activities on February 8.

  To commemorate this occasion, pupils and teachers dressed in attire that portrayed what they would look like if they were 100 years old.

  As part of the festivities, pupils attended a “light-hearted and jovial” assembly at precisely 10:10am, the 100th minute of the school day, followed by 100 activities that included exercises, singing, dancing and games.

  Throughout the day, pupils were engaged in many literacy and math activities, all related to the celebration surrounding the century mark of days passed. Not only did the 100th day give pupils the platform to reflect upon what they had learned during the past 100 days, but it also provided them with additional initiative, incentive and inspiration to continue working hard until the end of the school year, LU said in a press release.

  Additionally pupils, parents and teachers entered the school through one of the zeros in the 100th-day banner, placed at the entrance of the lobby. Celebrating the 100th day of school has been an annual tradition at LU for many years.

Two students dressed up as elderly folks.

Source: The Daily Herald