LU fifth-graders organise mock trial at Courthouse

Learning Unlimited students pose for a group picture at the end of the trial.

PHILIPSBURG–The fifth-graders of Learning Unlimited (LU) Preparatory School studied the Judicial System as part of their Social Studies and orchestrated a mock trial last week.

 The students have been learning all about how the Dutch and the American legal systems work and the roles of the various people in the courthouse. Students became familiar with the systems and the procedure of a trial, developed an appreciation for the importance of the roles of various people in the courtroom, and practised communication and critical-thinking skills as they prepared and presented their case.

Students in action.


  The trial was based around the popular children’s movie “Trolls.” Although the students studied both the Dutch and the American judicial systems, the mock trial was conducted using the American judicial system for them to have a jury, which would allow all of the students of Grade 5 to participate.

  The school thanked the Courthouse staff, including Leona Fitzpatrick and Jacqueline Evers, for all their assistance. The school also extended a special “Thank you” to Prosecutors Lemmers and Noordzij, and attorneys Lucas Berman and Alex Richardson for taking time out of their busy schedules to work with the students.

Source: The Daily Herald