LU students shine at Invention Convention

CAY HILL–Young scientists at Learning Unlimited (LU) Preparatory School displayed their brainpower and inventive skills at the institution’s biennial Invention Convention held at the school recently.

The school’s 4th and 5th graders participated in the exercise. The Invention Convention is an outgrowth of the scientific process, the school said in a press release over the weekend. “It fosters the development of important scientific skills through challenge and thought. Students are encouraged and given opportunities to identify a need or solve a problem, think creatively, experiment and work with data as they independently invent a new product or process. Communication and research skills are greatly enhanced throughout the whole course of action.”

First place for grade 4 went to Sanya Jandial with the invention “The Food Truck Bank,” which collects unused food from restaurant kitchens at the end of the day and gives this food to the underprivileged who are hungry.

Second place for grade four went to Xenia Ahlip, with the project “Easy Clean Brush,” which removes tangled hair from a brush easily. And third place went to Lucien Altier, with the project “Forever Clean Braces,” which is a corn starch-based sheet to cover braces, so that the braces don’t get food stuck in them.

Riana Jandial won first place for grade 5 with the invention “Double Dog Bowl Cleaner,” which prevents bugs or insects from getting into a dog’s food bowl, and helps keep the dog’s bowl clean and keep the dog healthy and not sick.

Second place went to Param Jessani with the project “Eco Cooler,” which is a zero electric air cooler that is made easily with recycled objects and is great for after a natural disaster when persons have no power as it can give light and cool one’s home by 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Third place went to Zahara Marchant with the project “The Hand Sponge,” which prevents nails from being chipped when washing dishes.

According to LU, the first step for students was to think about a problem and new ideas or solutions to solve the problem. The solution could have been a process or a product. Research must have been conducted by the students to ensure their invention idea has not been invented already. Parents were also encouraged to guide and support their students with this project, but not become overly involved in the process.
Students were judged by members of the community for their inventions and oral presentations. Parents were also invited to school for the award ceremony and to view all the projects.

Source: The Daily Herald