Lucayan Lottery re-opens today

Lucayan Lottery office on Thursday. The office is open today, Friday, starting 10:00am.

 PHILIPSBURG–Lucayan Lottery has re-opened – the first lottery company in St. Maarten to resume business since the passing of Hurricanes Irma and Maria back September. Management stated on Thursday that they are committed to do business on St. Maarten and believe in the economy.

  The company is the “new kid on the block,” as it opened its doors at the beginning of September this year. The lottery business maximises chances for customers to win cash prizes. The company is looking to change the face of the gaming industry on the island by offering a digital platform with a chance to win locally and internationally.

  The main office, located on Walter Nisbeth Road (Pondfill) next to Office World, is open Monday-Saturday 10:00am to 8:00pm and Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm.

  “You can pick our daily pick 2, 3 or 4 house numbers and see if you are the lucky winner by our live drawing at 1:30pm and 7:00pm Monday-Saturday and Sundays 1:30pm and 5:00pm. Customers can pick to play games from California, Florida, New York, Illinois, Texas and St. Maarten,” said a representative on Thursday.

  There is also a chance of second and third chance on losing tickets. Those who are not able to stop by the office can sign up for an account on and become a member to play numbers daily.

  The 2-ball win is US $50 in store and $75 online; 3-ball win is $200 in store and $250 online; and the 4-ball win is $1,500 in store and $1,750 online. Projections are based on $1-ticket buy in. The company also offers employment opportunities for retailers and resellers.

  Persons can make a quick stop at the main office to charge their account and will be able to play numbers from the comfort of their homes.

  “The hurricane was a devastating blow to the island and its people, but St. Maarten is strong and with the help of everyone, we will be able to build back the country,” stated the Lucayan lottery representative in a press release.

  For more information call 1-721-585-4263 or visit the office during opening hours.  

Source: The Daily Herald