Luciana Raspail new President of French-side Carnival Committee


MARIGOT–French-side Carnival Committee Festivités Carnavalesque de St. Martin (FCDSM) members held elections for a new Executive Board during their annual general meeting on Monday, June 26, 2017.

Luciana Raspail, who has been the General Secretary of the committee from 2013-2017 was elected incoming President of FCDSM for the next three years. The incoming Executive Board Members are President Luciana Raspail, Vice-President Alex Pierre, General Secretary Maeva James, Assistant Secretary Rosine Francillette, Treasurer Claudine Mingau, Assistant Treasurer Serge Weinum, Children’s Parade Commission Kathy Africa and Adult Parade Commission Ricaldo Gumbs.

“The incoming executive board comprises mainly past board members who have a vast knowledge of culture with years of experience,” FCDSM said in its release.


“The incoming board members’ qualities affirm their readiness to carry out their obligations for the continuous growth of this important cultural event.”

Luciana Raspail succeeds Jean-Philippe Richardson who was President for two mandates under FCDSM which was formed in 2011. The main objective of FCDSM is to organise and execute the Carnival activities on the French side of the island.

During the meeting, Jean-Philippe addressed the members for the last time as President by congratulating and thanking them for their selfless commitment and being an avid contributor to the development of St. Martin’s carnival culture for the past six years.

He reassured members that he will maintain his membership in the committee, continue to be present and support the incoming Executive Board.

The agenda points for this meeting also included the financial statement and activity budget which was presented to the members by outgoing Treasurer Alex Pierre and General Secretary Luciana Raspail.

FCDSM invites the entire population to save the dates, participate and celebrate in

St. Martin’s Carnival festivities from January 26 to February 14, 2018. Stay tuned to the various media outlets for more information on the happenings of Carnival 2018.

FCDSM can be contacted by telephone (0690) 37.55.57 / (0690) 62.47.37, or email or Facebook” Carnaval de Saint-Martin.”

Source: The Daily Herald