Lycée offers training course to obtain a coastal boat licence | THE DAILY HERALD

 MARIGOT–The Recteur of Guadeloupe Mostafa Fourar was at the Lycée Professionel in Concordia this week to sign a partnership agreement that will permit students from the Marine Mechanics section to train for a coastal boat licence.

  Fourar noted this particular course was absent in St. Martin whereas it is offered in all regions in France, adding the oversight amounted to an “injustice” for St. Martin.

  The four-year convention was signed by the Recteur, the Principal of the Lycée Janine Hamlet, and teacher for the marine mechanics workshop Boris Villemin from Association Aquatic O.

 The cost of the course is financed by the Rectorat of Guadeloupe for 40,000 euros and Fondation de France contributed 14,000 euros. The good news for the students is that the course is already paid for. Normally it would cost 500 euros per student. The course consists of 144 hours of theory and 45 hours of practical.

  “This really is a value-added bonus for the students,” remarked Principal Hamlet. “Having this licence is going to open up opportunities for them after they obtain their Bac Pro. It’s a big investment so I’m asking the students to be present and take the course seriously.”

  The Recteur was also present for a presentation to teachers on the new French Quarter College project. The building is only going to be partly destroyed, but renovated for the return to school in 2019.

  Among the improvements will be a system to collect rain water to supply toilets and gardens, and an integrated solar panel roof the design of such will eliminate parts of roof that can come off during a hurricane and turn into projectiles.

  The new building on the same site will have 22 class rooms, four science labs, two technology classes, two music classes and two art classes. It will accommodate 600 students – an increase of 100, and 55 teachers. Construction will begin in March 2019 with the last phase of work forecasted for December 2020.

  The Recteur also visited the Cité Scolaire to assess progress there with reconstruction.

Source: The Daily Herald