MAC pupils excel in FBE exit exams

PHILIPSBURG–Methodist Agogic Centre pupils performed outstandingly well at the Foundation-Based Education exit exams this year. MAC has two campuses: Browlia F. Maillard Campus (BFM) in St. Johns and Rev. John A. Gumbs Campus (JAG) in Betty’s Estate.

MAC earned top spots in all four subject areas were written by the pupils on the island this year.
In English Language, Trishelle Randolph (JAG), Jamie Lynch (JAG) and Aquilla Pemberton (JAG) were tied with the highest score for the island. All three scored 86 out of 90 (96 per cent) on the exams.
Khushal Punjabi (JAG), this year’s valedictorian, topped the island in Dutch. He scored 64 out of 90 (71 per cent).
The top student in Mathematics was Teuling Ramkellowan (BFM). She scored 89 out of 90 (99 per cent).
In General Knowledge, Nathaniel Gabbidon top-scored with 52 out of 60 (87 per cent) and specifically in General Science 28 out of 30 (93 per cent).
These pupils will be honoured at a special ceremony organised by the Ministry of Education at Allen Halley Sports and Recreation Centre in Simpson Bay on Saturday starting at 4:00pm.
The top 10 MAC pupils are Khushal Punjabi (JAG) – 286 points, Tueling Ramkellowan (BFM) – 282 points, Destiny Mitchell (JAG) – 281 points, Jamie Lynch (JAG) – 276 points, Aquilla Pemberton (JAG) – 272 points, Sidney de Weever (BFM) – 270 points, Ramario Mills (BFM) – 269 points, Athalia Reyes (BFM) – 268 points, Vershawn Nelson (BFM) – 262 points and Nathanial Gabbidon (JAG) – 260 points. The maximum points on the FBE exit exams were 330 points.
A press release on behalf of MAC Foundation Board Chairman Moreland Williams, MAC Executive Director Rose Hughes-Coram, Browlia F. Maillard Campus School Manager Tessa Davis, Rev. John A. Gumbs Campus Assistant School Manager Nelson Higgs and Group 8 teachers stated, “Congratulations go out to all Group 8 pupils of the MAC who successfully completed their elementary school education with us.
“We are extremely proud of your stellar performances this year. Your diligence, hard work and commitment to education are attitudes that made you reap your rewards. Your performances have further encouraged us to continue providing quality education for each pupil at our institutions. We wish you the very best in your secondary education and continue to keep the MAC flag flying high.”
Methodist Agogic Centre held its graduation ceremony at Princess Port de Plaisance under the white tent on June 21.

Source: Daily Herald
MAC pupils excel in FBE exit exams