Man arrested for drug possession

PHILIPSBURG–A man R.J.B. was arrested near Cristal bar at approximately 1:30am Thursday during a routine control by police in the Sucker Garden area.

  According to police, a strong scent of marijuana was detected coming from a vehicle parked in the immediate area on Thursday evening. A search of the suspect resulted in the investigating officers locating a small plastic bag containing an amount of marijuana.

  As the search continued in the vehicle belonging to the suspect, a large plastic bag and a backpack were found. Both bags contained a considerable number of small plastic bags, each containing a quantity of marijuana prepared for distribution.

  Police added that a small green pouch containing a large number of US $1 bills was found and confiscated by officers. The marijuana and vehicle were also confiscated. The suspect was taken to the police headquarters where he remains in custody for questioning. 

Source: The Daily Herald