Man dies after group fight

COLE BAY–A group fight ended up being fatal for 23 year-old Gary Zorilla, who died on Friday morning as a result of multiple stab wounds suffered during between several men at the entrance of Diamond Estate in Cole Bay. Early reports suggest that seven men followed a group of four to the area with the intent to settle a score. Earlier on Thursday night, the latter group that included Zorilla saw three guys they had issues with and a fight ensued which, resulting in the trio being overpowered by the foursome that attacked them.

The three apparently managed to flee and contacted four other friends to come to their aid. The assailants who noticed that they were then outnumbered decided to go to another friend who lives in Diamond Estate. However, the new group of seven followed and cut them off at the entrance.

They all came out of their vehicles and a full brawl ensued, leading to the stabbing of Zorilla and two others getting minor cuts from one of the men who was seeking revenge for the earlier fight. The men responsible for these injuries fled the area.

Ambulance and police were called shortly after three of the four friends were found on the ground bleeding. Forensic officials were at the scene Friday morning.

Police are still investigating this complicated incident. However, spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said on Friday that once police they have mapped out what exactly took place, more information will be released.

Gary Zorilla leaves behind a four year-old daughter and grieving family and friends who learned of his death in the early morning on Friday.

Source: The Daily Herald